February 13, 2013

Kissimmee Sticks - Home Grown Baseball Bats

One of the great things about living in central Florida is the support for small businesses I feel from the community. My goal is to start regularly highlighting some of those companies to do what I can to give them just another ounce or two of support.

This week a small family owned business in Osceola County was profiled by WUCF's emmy award winning show ONE. Kissimmee Sticks makes custom baseball bats by hand. They're for kids and pros alike, but the quality is undeniable. They have bats in the Baseball Hall of Fame and a number of current and past players who've swung their way to glory with these Florida sticks in their hands. The story of how Mike Romack founded Kissimmee Sticks, sold it, and then ended up running the business again is just somehow very central Florida.


We wish them plenty of success as they continue their comeback into the major leagues.