July 1, 2011

Google Plus Custom Profile Settings

Learned a few things about how Google+ lets you customize your Google Profile in new ways. First, click on your name in Google+ to get taken to your profile then click edit profile.

Let's start by clicking in the Photos tab. You can now control whose tags of you are automatically approved to link to your Profile. You can choose any circle, all circles, extended circles, or public.

You can now add a button to your Google profile that will allow people to email you from your profile. Click the little globe icon net to the 'Send an email' box. You can click to allow and then choose anyone on the web, or any variety of your circles.

Finally, you can control whether or not you want people in your circles to appear on your profile, or select only people from certain circles to appear. This is useful if you want to hide members of a particular circle (like the members of that bridal party you met in Vegas last year).

I'm sure there will be further controls. But it's interesting to see that you have to look further than just the settings for Google+ to see how it's changing how you interact with Google.

Don't forget I'm also keeping a working list of tips, tricks, FAQs, and troubleshooting issues for Google Plus. Make sure to add anything you find. 

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