October 22, 2008

How to get the nerd vote

Matt Haughey writes out his list of policy wishes for how to get his nerd vote. For instance:
Broadband Everywhere. I want crazy South Korea/Japan style broadband I've heard about for years: 100Mbps (upload and download) fiber connections for less than $50/month with unlimited bandwidth and the ability to run your own servers. I know the US is a big spread out country and it makes this stuff somewhat difficult/costly, but it's an ambitious goal with a ton of payoff. We don't have manufacturing jobs in the US anymore: we don't make things, we don't build things, we don't sew things here, but we do have lots of ideas and inventions.
If you read carefully his list is also a blueprint on how to create a community that will attract creative people, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to your city. Some things Orlando should be looking at.

A few things I would add to the list:
  • Mass Transit and encouraging urban design that promotes its use.
  • Investment in Green Technology and training for jobs in that industry.
  • Privacy laws that reflect today's new reality.
  • Reform the Department of Homeland Security and do away with security theater.

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October 10, 2008

CoLab Orlando website opens

CoLab Orlando, the regions first coworking (wikipedia) space, has relaunched its website and now includes pricing and a growing list of features. Pricing seems very reasonable to me with a permanent space available for just $250 a month. If you want to go one day a week it will cost you just over $70 a month. To join for just one day is $25.

For that you get access to the internet, copier, scanner, and fax. Plus you get the chance to network with other members of Orlando growing creative and technology class in a prime downtown location. CoLab opens November 1st.

Visit the CoLab Orlando website to learn more.

October 9, 2008

Scott Joseph has a Food Blog

Scott Joseph, once the food writer and reviewer for the Orlando Sentinel, now has his own blog, which he calls a Food Log or FLOG, where he writes about food in the Central Florida area. I'm so happy to have found this since I have missed not having his column appear in the Sentinel.

In many ways the FLOG is a lot like his articles before. He continues to do reviews, keep tabs on changes in the restaurant marketplace, answer questions from local diners, and write about EPCOT's Food & Wine festival. The writing is sometimes not as tight and he needs to take more care in formatting his posts. But all in all it's a great find and any Orlando resident would do good to add it to their feeds.

Still no picture of Scott for those wondering.

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October 1, 2008

BlogOrlando Wrapup Roundup

I had a great time at this year's BlogOrlando. My own personal contribution was being the host for the group at Disney's Animal Kingdom on Sunday. It was a blast and I enjoyed meeting everyone who joined up. While I'm doseing out the fun facts about Disney, I always learn so much from each attendee as well. For those of you who couldn't make it, you missed out on lots of great trivia about the park, some thrilling attractions, and many great animal experiences.

What I took away from this years event, besides dozens of handy hacks I'll be implementing in my personal life and various social media efforts, was the growing strength of the Central Florida tech community. I made some great connections and look forward to helping grow the community is any number of ways over the coming year. The way things are now, if we all stick together, we'll come out of this okay. Fractured, our power is much less.

Some pretty amazing comments from others who attended the BlogOrlando conference this year.
BlogOrlando is one of the top two conferences I've been to. For me it is up there with mesh conference (an Edelman client, but an amazing conference none-the-less). Amazing people who are working in this space I call mine and not just talking about working in the space. A weekend with my peers, great energy from central Florida and some time to relax. It was a much needed break. - Leah Jones

Leah's actually from Chicago. Which is an interesting point. I wonder how many attendees weren't from the Central Florida area.
I’ve never been to a free conference before. And the difference of engagement levels between a free conference and a fee-based one is night and day. I guess it might be because everybody that’s there WANTS to be there. They CHOSE to go. They CHOSE to give up a Saturday and engage other passionate people. I’m afraid most conferences I go to are full of people that have been sent there from their company. They’d rather be checking emails or anywhere else. But it’s part of their job description or a requirement. The result is sometimes a very low engagement level.

BlogOrlando was the exact opposite. - Spike Jones from Brains on Fire
Can't agree with your more Spike. I attended Geno Church's session on Movements and Social Media and can attest that both Spike and Geno have that passion too.

Others who've written up comments from the sessions they led or attended are Sarah In Tampa, Dustin Mooney, Tim at FML, Rob Williams, Chris Thilk, R. Alexander, Amber Rhea (be sure to read her liveblog of the "Online Identity" session), Alex de Carvalho, Nancy N., Benet, and Jennifer. Jennifer went to BlogOrlando and ended up writing about butterflies. There's a metaphor in that somewhere.

And of course, there are the organizer's thoughts. Josh Hallett has pulled this together three years running. I hope there is a fourth and fifth year. Josh has the contacts to pull the event together, but he relies on volunteer help to do some of the work. Let's give them all a big hand and next year consider contributing some time of your own.