October 9, 2008

Scott Joseph has a Food Blog

Scott Joseph, once the food writer and reviewer for the Orlando Sentinel, now has his own blog, which he calls a Food Log or FLOG, where he writes about food in the Central Florida area. I'm so happy to have found this since I have missed not having his column appear in the Sentinel.

In many ways the FLOG is a lot like his articles before. He continues to do reviews, keep tabs on changes in the restaurant marketplace, answer questions from local diners, and write about EPCOT's Food & Wine festival. The writing is sometimes not as tight and he needs to take more care in formatting his posts. But all in all it's a great find and any Orlando resident would do good to add it to their feeds.

Still no picture of Scott for those wondering.

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1 comment:

Scott Joseph said...

Thanks for mentioning the Flog, and for the critiques -- I've always thought constructive criticism was a good thing! I'm still learning about formatting and all that stuff, but I'm having a blast doing it and am delighted that people are finding it.