September 27, 2008

Movements, Activism, and Social Media

Geno Church, Brains on Fire presenting Movements, Activism, and Social Media at BlogOrlando. Me Liveblogging. Great Keynote presentation format. But hard to Liveblog. I hope to learn some points on converting a fan base into a movement.

When you're building a movement, where do you start?

How do you turn your customers, employees into FANS and go ONE LOUDER.

Fan cycle: Participation, Evangelism, Ownership.

Movements start with the first conversation - having converations in a vacuum doesn't allow natural contagion of conversation. People want to talk, insiders and outsiders, Asking for a conversation makes it easier to ask for involvement.

Define the Passion Conversation not the product conversation - People connect through shared passions. It's the things we're most passionate about that we want to talk about.

Empower people with Stories. People love the inside stories. An organization is the stories it tells. Once you identify those champions, advocates, catalysts, you have to bring them to Mecca (metaphor). Then teach them how to share your stories.

Communities have to be both online and offline. Word of Mouth is still mostly offline. Movements are word of mouth are about people, not technology.

Great case study on converting Fiskars from an old style company to a new media community based company. Take 4 moms who are users and crafters and convert them to evangalists. Let them run the community and guide them. Disney doing very similar with their Mom's Panel.

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